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Current Listings

000 NC Hwy 101, Havelock, NC
100 BERKSHIRE Drive, Havelock, NC
101 Cindy Ln, Havelock, NC
101 Noyes Ave, Morehead City, NC
1039 Orange St, Newport, NC
104 Jenny Lane, Havelock, NC
104 Moores Farm Road, Havelock, NC
104 NINE J Drive, Newport, NC
104 Tammy Court, New Bern, NC
1052 Orange Street, Newport, NC
106 Blackheath Drive, New Bern, NC
106 Manchester Road, Havelock, NC
107 Long Creek Drive, Havelock, NC
107 Poplar Road, Havelock, NC
108 Bryan Boulevard, Havelock, NC
110 Seattle Slew Drive, Havelock, NC
1107 Litewood Drive, Havelock, NC
1107 Litewood Drive, Havelock, NC
111 Bell St, Newport, NC
112 PINE GROVE Rd, Newport, NC
113 1213 Lantern Way, Morehead City, NC
116 Elizabeth Street, Havelock, NC
117 GOODING Drive, Havelock, NC
120 Baytree Landing, Havelock, NC
121 Pine Cliff Road, Havelock, NC
122 CROOKED RUN Drive, New Bern, NC
123 Little Creek Drive, Havelock, NC
125 Country Side Ct, Newport, NC
125 Marsh Harbour Drive, Newport, NC
1257 Colony Drive, New Bern, NC
127 Baytree Lane, Havelock, NC
130 Mill Creek Road, Newport, NC
1372 Hibbs rd, Newport, NC
140 Leslie Lane, Havelock, NC
143 CROOKED RUN Drive, New Bern, NC
1511 Marsh Pointe, Morehead City, NC
166 Crooked Run Drive, New Bern, NC
1701 IVORY GULL Drive, Morehead City, NC
174 OAK GROVE Rd, Newport, NC
1800 Colonial Way, New Bern, NC
191 Cedar Ln, Newport, NC
194 Catfish Lake Rd, New Bern, NC
202 NUNN St N, Havelock, NC
203 BLUE HERON Drive, Newport, NC
205 Seattle Slew Drive, Havelock, NC
207 WHITE OAK Drive, Newport, NC
210 Long Creek Drive, Havelock, NC
210 NOTTINGHAM Drive, Havelock, NC
211 N Nunn Street, Havelock, NC
211 Shepard St, Havelock, NC
212 Long Creek Road, Havelock, NC
215 Foxhall Road, Newport, NC
217 Shepard St, Havelock, NC
2200 Adams Creek Rd, Havelock, NC
224 Kestrel Court, New Bern, NC
234 Deep Bay Drive, Newport, NC
234 Webb Blvd, Havelock, NC
2407 MARSH TERN Ln, Morehead City, NC
2408 MARSH TERN Ln, Morehead City, NC
2413 MARSH TERN Ln, Morehead City, NC
245 Bobbys Drive, Newport, NC
263 W Highway 70, Havelock, NC
2914 Newport Circle, Newport, NC
301 Shepard St, Havelock, NC
302 FARINA Drive, Havelock, NC
302 KYLE Drive, Havelock, NC
306 Vicksburg Court, Havelock, NC
315 Crows Nest Rd, Beaufort, NC
402 Lakewood Ct, Newport, NC
406 Forest Hill Drive, Havelock, NC
416 Chatham St, Newport, NC
420 Hideaway Lane, Havelock, NC
517 Sunrise Walk St, Newport, NC
580 Roberts Rd, Newport, NC
604 GRAY Drive, Havelock, NC
605 LEE Drive, Havelock, NC
614 Mourning Dove, Newport, NC
616 Mourning Dove, Newport, NC
704 Hill St, Newport, NC
706 HILL St, Newport, NC
712 Lee Drive, Havelock, NC
808 Mann St, Newport, NC
820 3200 Crystal Oaks Ln, Morehead City, NC
902 Main St E, Havelock, NC
907 Greenfield Heights, Havelock, NC
918 Meadows Street, New Bern, NC
920 Temples Point Rd, Havelock, NC
974 Becton Rd, Havelock, NC
B 516 Village Green Drive, Morehead City, NC

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